VIP Bin Cleaning (Bedfordshire)

Thank you for visiting our Bedfordshire website. We are a family-run business who have operated a bin cleaning service in the Bedfordshire area for over 20 years. We believe we offer an unbeatable customer service at a competitive price. We are able to wash one or all of your bins as often as you require. Please see below price list for domestic cleans.


One-off Bin Clean £5.00 (Subject to availability)
General Waste Wheelie Bin £3.50 (Cleaned every 4 weeks)
Recycle Wheelie Bin £3.50 (Cleaned every 4 weeks)
Food Bin £1.00 (When cleaned with a wheelie bin)

Take advantage of our pre-payment offers of:
6 Wheelie Bin Cleans for £19.20 (£3.20 per clean, saving £1.80) or
12 Wheelie Bin Cleans for £36.00 (£3.00 per clean, saving £6.00)

For all commercial enquiries please contact our office on 01462 813820.


PayPal via the Pay for Your Bin Clean button, Bank Transfer, Cheque (minimum £7.00), or arrange for one of our friendly collection team to call at your convenience.

Contact us by email on
or call 01462 813820 / 07808 578711

If you are reading this as a regular customer we thank you for your custom and would welcome any comments you may have about our service.

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